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Toshiaki Kato, CDT

Certificated as dental technician in 1978, he founded LOOP Co., Ltd. in 1986.
Since then, he has been working towards the development of dentistry.

1986 founded LOOP Ltd.
1988 Tokai Dental Technician school lecturer
1989 Friedrichsfeld Co. (Germany) official instructor
1989 ZL-Atatchment Co. (Germany) official instructor
1990 ZARD, Inc. (USA) Vice-president
1990 Japan Dental Technologists Association instructor
1992 Nagoya Dental Technician school alumni association academy
1996 Astra Tech Dental Implant (Sweden) official instructor
1996 Japan IMZ Implant councilor
1998 Tsukuba University lecturer
1999 Abilympic board
1999 Sybron Dental Co., Ltd. (USA) official instructor
2001 LOOP technician group president
2006 LOOP Co., Ltd. president

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LOOP Co., Ltd. Nagoya

2-13-4 Hirose-cho, Shouwa-ku,
Nagoya, Aichi,
JAPAN. 466-0004
TEL: +81-52-744-5665
FAX: +81-52-744-5664

LOOP Co., Ltd. Tokyo

1-2-5 Kakigara-cho, Nihon-bashi,
Chuo-ku, Tokyo,
JAPAN. 103-0014
TEL: +81-3-5645-1612
FAX: +81-3-5645-1613

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